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Services for research staff of MLU


MLU staff may register at every location of the ULB. Please bring your staff card, the registration form, official documentation (ID card, passport with registration card, residency permit) as well as the first page of your work contract. The latter is required for the duration of your patron account (oriented on the duration of the contract) and only needs to be presented.
Your staff card is also your patron card.

delivery service

MLU research staff may have ordered media from the stacks of the central library as well as interlibrary loans delivered to their branch library. Please note the relevant library in your registration form.

lending periods

The lending period for research staff at MLU is 29 days. The ULB is offering a grace period of 332 days before invoking overdue. After this period, you will receive a first overdue notice without fees.

You should react to this overdue notice within 14 days and bring the media to the lending branch library or central library, so it can be renewed. The title may then be borrowed again for 29 days (and 332 days grace period).

Should you not react within the 14 days, the usual overdue fees will accrue.

Please note that reference literature may not be borrowed even by academic staff.


Due to the better lending conditions for research staff, lending periods may not be extended. The borrowed media have to be presented at the lending desk of the branch library or central library after the lending and grace periods have ended (usually after a year). The titles will be renewed and may be borrowed for another 29 days and kept for 332 days grace period, if the title has not been reserved by another person.


Borrowed media may be reserved by other patrons through ULB's catalogues.

To make a reservation, the patron account needs to be used. The reserving patron will be informed via mail as soon as the title is ready for pickup in one of the libraries.

When a borrowed medium is reserved, the borrowing patron will receive a mail notification. The title has to be returned until the end of the lending period, there is no grace period. The overdue fees will begin accruing on the next day after the lending period has ended.

If the title is already within the grace period, it has to be returned within three days after receiving the mail notification. Overdue fees will accrue normally afterwards, should the title not be returned.

change of patron status

Patrons of the ULB that already have a patron account (e.g. as students or regional patrons) and begin working as part of the research staff will have to present all borrowed media at the lending desk to make use of the increased lending periods. All media will be lent anew. If this is not done, the previous lending conditions remain in place.

overdue fees

Research staff of MLU use the ULB under private law usage relations. Media required for work purposes will still accrue overdue fees.

Should the free overdue notice be ignored, regular overdue fees accrue:
The cost of the second overdue fee is 2.00€ per medium. 14 days later the third overdue fee at 5,00€ per medium will be noticed. 14 days after this, the fourth overdue notice will be sent as registered post to the private address of the patron. This fee is at 10,00€ per medium. The fees are all added, so the fourth fee will be at 17,00€ per medium in total. Should the overdue media not be returned after the fourth overdue notice, the ULB will begin a replacement purchase of the overdue media, billing the patron.

HARIEL document delivery service

The ULB offers a campus-wide delivery service for articles from printed journals in the form of HARIEL. Titles will only be sent to e-mail addresses of the Martin-Luther-university.

Journal titles available online will not be delivered. You can find them on our homepage at "E-Resources - eJournals".

Due to copyright reasons, we cannot send you articles from newspapers and magazines.

digital semester apparatus

The ULB offers a scan service for works only available in print at the library to lecturers, in accordance with §60a UrhG.

interlibrary loan and subito

Literature not available at the ULB or at Halle's other libraries may be ordered from other german or international libraries. Further information.

reading material in the library

In accordance with the reading apparatus-regulation of the ULB, we offer university lecturers of the MLU a longer lending period of media in form of a reading material apparatus.

semester apparatus

Lecturers at MLU may have a semester apparatus set up for their seminars in the branch library. The recommended literature will be presented for the duration of the semester. This enables students to work with the media at any time or make copies from relevant chapters.

Please note: Folders with copy templates may not be set up here due to copyright reasons. Please use the options in Stud.IP or ILIAS to make such documents available. The ULB will gladly assist you with its scanning services.

buying special subject literature

Specialized literature may only be bought by ULB. The subject specialists will gladly take your wishes into account.