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Digital Semester Apparatus order form

To support online teaching, the ULB offers teachers at MLU to supply titles only available in print for digital semester apparatus according to §60a UrhG   . This may be used by teachers at MLU using Stud.IP for their seminars.  If student assistants are tasked with the order, they need to use the mail address of the teacher. Due to staff reasons, the library cannot check proxy authority for students. Orders from student mail addresses are not worked.Please check carefully if the title is available in electronic form before ordering. Licensing for the MLU may be possible. The ULB's subject specialists are here to help you.If the title is already licensed for the MLU, you should supply the link in the digital semester apparatus. Students will receive full access to the title, instead of only the 15% allowed for electronic semester apparatus otherwise.A short overview on legally allowed options:

  • works on a small scale
    • singular articles from journals. Only single articles from the same journal issue
    • not: daily press (e.g. newspapers)
    • images
    • other works on a small scale (max.):
      • printed works (e.g. scripts, articles from collected editions): 25 pages
      • music sheets: 6 pages
  • out of print works, meaning not available physically or digitally* (also for newspapers)
  • all other titles: per seminar/ lesson max. 15%
  • also applicable for titles not in the library's holdings (e.g. copy order/ interlibrary loan as per §60e sec. 5   )

The source has to be cited including author.

A work is out of print, if

  • no publishing offer exists anymore and thus cannot be purchased via book sellers. Antiquarian offers do not count for this. Works are not out of print if the same or a newer edition is available via book sellers. This includes new editions as eBook as well as reprints or a professional microform option.
  • it was published before 1 January 1966 in books, journals, newspapers or other prints in Germany.
  • it was published within the borders of today's Federal Republic.


title from (branch) library*:

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mail address*:

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* = Pflichtfeld

Note: Due to high order volumes, it usually takes about 36 hours to supply the order. Some locations may take longer. Please be considerate.