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Regelung für die Ausleihe von Karten

Regarding § 18, pt. 1 g. of the Usage Regulation of the ULB, the following implementation regulations (according to § 27, pt. 1 of the Usage Regulation of the ULB) are issued:

  1. All maps, cartography, atlases and wall maps are only lent to the reading room for historical holdings and maps at the university and state library.
  2. The usage may vary depending on the state of conservation.
  3. Duplicates of maps published after 1870 and copies of maps (if a research purpose can be established) may be lent.
  4. Geographical materials may not be copied. However, it is possible to have paid reproductions of maps made at the ULB Sachsen-Anhalt Copy and Photo Desk in compliance with copyright law.
  5. Maps are not part of interlibrary loan.

Anke Berghaus-Sprengel

Halle, 08.01.2019