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Regelung für Handapparate

Please note: The German version is the official version, please refer to it for any questions.

  1. ULB enables long-term lending (§ 20 section 5 of the usage regulation), which can take the form of a local stock.
  2. Local stocks are set up after application by authorized patrons. Authorized are full-time university lecturers (appointed professors, junior professors, extracurricular professors with employment, retired professors), who have a permanent workplace in the university's buildings.
  3. The literature selection for local stocks is done by the authorized patron. If new purchases are made for the local stock, these are done by the ULB, which inventarizes them, according to the purchase regulations of the MLU. Such titles are paid for from the budget resources of the authorized patron (max. 40 % of the appointed literature budget), by repurposing of material budget or applicable third-party budgets (according to the grant decision or decision by the third-party funder for the authorized patron). Current literature budgets may not be used for local stocks.
  4. Only research-relevant literature may be added to the local stocks. Course books may be purchased to prepare seminars (only one copy). Old titles (before 1850) as well as continuing resources (e.g. journals, loose-leaf collections) may not be added.
  5. The titles in a local stock are a non-lending collection and to be stored at the workplace of the authorized patron. The titles have to be stored adequatly regarding placement, shelving, theft prevention, sun protection, room temperature, air moisture. The relevant subject specialist may always check the holdings to ensure the adequate storage.
  6. Lending of titles to the local stock to the authorized patron is personalized (§ 4 section 2 and § 18 section 6 usage regulation). The lending period is two years; it may be prolonged after revision. Using the local stock at the workplace is possible for members of a working group; sub-lending is prohibited.
  7. Titles in the local stock are marked accordingly in the library's catalogues and may be ordered by ULB patrons (only for use in the reading room, max. 5 workdays). Pre-ordered titles have to be presented at the lending desk of the according (branch) library by the authorized person or a representative and may be returned to the local stock after use.
  8. Titles in a local stock are revised regularly. If a title is not at its place in two follow-up revisions, it has to be replaced using the faculty's or authorized patron's budget.
  9. If the authorization as per § 2 ends, the local stock is returned to the according (branch) library. The ULB will be keeping a title list. If the professorship will be appointed anew with a similar denomination, the newly appointed professor will receive the title list of the local stock and may choose titles from it for the new local stock.

Anke Berghaus-Sprengel

Halle, 7 May 2021