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Gedruckte Medien können in den Zweigbibliotheken i.d.R. selbst aus den Regalen entnommen werden, Magazinbestände (darin eingeschlossen sind auch die Bestände der derzeit geschlossenen Zweigbibliothek Vorderer Orient) müssen über die Kataloge bestellt werden. Sie erhalten eine Nachricht, sobald die Medien zur Abholung bereit liegen. Literatur mit Erscheinungsjahren vor 1920 kann nur in die Lesesäle bestellt werden

using electronic resources

The ULB provides a growing portfolio of eBooks, eJournals and  databases. These can be accessed from all PCs in the libraries and PC  pools. Within the university's Wifi network, you can also use your own  device (notebook, tablet, smartphone).

To gain access from elsewhere, you need to use a VPN client, such as the one provided by the IT Service Centre.



The Discovery System Ha:Lit    offers a thematic Search through the OPACs of the library network Halle-Merseburg, including the university- and regional bibliography as well as many licensed and Open Access databases, eJournals and eBooks. By searching through over 400 million datasets, users gain the opportunity to find the relevant literature from heterogenerous data sources with one simple search.

Not all databases and eJournals licensed by the ULB are included in Ha:Lit.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

The Online Public Access Catalogue holds records on the monographic literature of the Central Library and the Branch Libraries published since 1991. Older publications are continually added. The historical holdings of the Central Library from 1501 until 1850 are mostly on record. For monographic literature up to 1990, please refer to the image catalogues as well.

The journal holdings of the central library and all branch libraries, including eJournals, are included in the OPAC. The monographic literature of the central library included in the OPAC has to be ordered electronically. If you find a title with a location beginning with "Ha ..", it is found in a branch library and can only be borrowed there.

Image Catalogues

The digitized catalogues are simple scans of the old card and book catalogues.

The search options are limited when compared to the OPAC. The order of the scanned images in the alphabetical catalogues is the same as in the original catalogues.

The following catalogues have been digitized:

  1. Alphabetical catalogue of the Central Library with the catalogue records for the years until 1929 (Strumpfband-Kataog), 1930-1974 and 1975-1990
  2. Theses Catalogue with the catalogue records for the years 1800-1974 ad 1975-1990
  3. Central Catalogue Saxony-Anhalt with the catalogue records for the years until 1974 and 1975-1990 (monographs)
  4. Keyword Catalogue 1945-1990
  5. Catalogue of Prints of the 16th century (only in the university network)
  6. Systematic Catalogue until 1961 (Hartwig-Katalog)

You can find research tips for these catalogues on their respective pages.

Database Infosystem (DBIS)

The Database Infosystem    gives an overview of free databases and databases licensed by the university library: The databases can be listed by subject or by alphabet.