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Ways to publish Open Access

Gold Road

The Open Access gold or golden way is the term used for direct publication in primary Open Access Journals.

This model is often financed through the payment of publication fees for each article (the so-called APC – Article Processing Charges). There are other models, which do not comprise fees for the author.

A special variant of the golden road is the publication in a hybrid Journal. Under this model, certain articles in otherwise subscription-based journal can be made available for Open Access publishing, usually by means of a publication fee. This can lead to so-called "double-dipping", meaning the author paying APCs for an article and an institution paying subscription fees to the publisher to gain access to all contents of a journal.

Green Road

The Open Access green road is the term for the publishing of secondary publications in freely available institutional or discipline-specific repositories or websites. Under this model, the author has to make sure in advance that there are no copyright or legal issues derived from submitting copies of publications in this way.