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Open Access Transition

An Open Access transition can be explained as the processed by which a subscription-based publication model for scientific articles is turned into an Open Access model.

The goals of this transition process are to reduce costs and change the accessibility model of (ideally all) scientific journals into an Open Access one to make all research information freely available.

Research institutions and research libraries especially support this process through different means.

  • Anchoring Open Access in licensing praxis (through Offsetting Contracts and APC Contracts)
  • financing of publication fees for Open Access Journals (APCs) in perspective – meaning successive restructuring of acquisition budgets from subscription towards Open Access. Setting up a DFG-funded publication fund for establishing this course of business
  • building internal course of business to determine publication fees of our institution to optimize financing during transition

Offsetting means allocating different costs within the publication process. In offessing contracts, it is possible to cover the costs for the publication of Open Access articles by integrating these into the initial subscription fees paid to the publisher(s). In Germany, for instance, the Max Planck Society via the Max Planck Digital Library, has offsetting contracts with Springer, the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Taylor & Francis.

Other european countries such as Great Britain (IOP, Taylor & Francis, RSC, Sage and Springer Nature), the Netherlands (Springer Compact and Elsevier) and Austria (IOP and Springer Compact) have implemented such offsetting contracts country-wide. An overview of some of these country-wide offsetting contracts can be found in this site: ESAC-Initiative   .

Further Information on the procress of Open Access transformation can be found in this (German-only) site:   "Empfehlungen zur Open-Access-Transformation"   

In Germany, negotiations with big science publishers are taking place in the context of, for example, the DEAL Project. The goals of this project are to establish a country-wide access to the publisher's full set of titles as well as the implementation of an Open Access component (DEAL Project   ).