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Why publish Open Access?

These are the main advantages to Open Access publishing:

  • securing unrestricted and free access to publications
  • better citation and downloading rates for Open Access articles
  • increased visibility of your own research
  • your work is easier to find via search engines and cataloging services
  • long-term archiving of publications via hosting on certified repositories or renowned Open Access Journals
  • your digital documents are readily available for research, teaching, collaborative work and for automated data extraction and text analysis
  • you retain control of all usage rights for your work

If you want to know more or have reservations about Open Access publishing, please visit the following site where you will find thorough explanations and arguments in favour of the advantages of Open Access publishing:

Information platform   

An important question for researchers in context of Open Access is the quality of an Open Acces Journal.

The initiative thinkchecksubmit    has taken to this problem and commited a checklist   .

Should most of these questions be answered with a "yes", an Open Access Journal may be selected for publishing.