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Interlibrary loan and delivery services



August-Bebel-Straße 50
06108 Halle (Saale)

phone: 0345 55 22 204

interlibrary loan

Media that are not part of the holdings in Halle may be ordered from other national or international libraries. Before ordering via interlibrary loan, you should search the holdings of other scientific libraries in Halle. Their holdings may also be searched using our online catalogue Ha:Lit   .

Set up and charge an interlibrary loan account

Activating an interlibrary loan account may be done when registering as a patron. It may also be done at any later point, of course. To place an order, the account has to be charged with accounting units. One accounting unit is equal to 1.50 EUR (see schedule of fees for scientific libraries in Saxony-Anhalt). An account needs to be charges with 1.50 EUR at minimum. It may be charged at the charging machines. A bill may be issued after charging at least 7.50 EUR.

Research staff of the MLU may book accounting units from material resources. In this case, at minimum 7.50 EUR (= 5 accounting units) need to be booked.

Reimbursement of unused accounting units is not possible.

Please note: Apart from the fees for an interlibrary loan request, additional costs may accrue, especially if copies larger than 20 pages are ordered.

ordering interlibrary loan from within Germany

You'll need to search the GVK    for the titles. We recommend logging in with your interlibrary loan account beforehand. You will need your patron number from the back of your patron card (or USC or staff card) as well as the preset password, your date of birth in the form DDMMYY. After the first login, the password may be changed.

To order a title, use the button loan request or copy request (upper right corner). Should you not already be logged in, you'll be asked for your patron number and password now.

Please fill in the form carefully. Research staff of the MLU is requested to fill in the institute address, so title may be delivered in the according branch library. After entering your password again, the order is placed. Please log out after finishing the loan request.

Should the title you are looking for not be available in the GBV databases, you may continue searching in the consortia-spanning search portal, from which you may then order.

The menu option patron info allows you to check the status of your order at any time.

After the title(s) arrive at ULB, you will receive a mail notification, as soon as it is available for pickup at the local lending desk. Research staff of MLU will receive ordered copies via internal mail, ordered titles will be sent to the branch library.

Pilotphase Teilkopie aus E-Books

Seit 10.05.2022 besteht die Möglichkeit über den GVK Aufsätze aus E-Books per Online-Fernleihe zu bestellen. Einige Bibliotheken des GBV (Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund) bieten in einer Pilotphase die Möglichkeit aus einem Teil Ihres E-Bookbestandes Teilkopien (Kapitel) zu bestellen. Am jeweiligen E-Book finden Sie dann den Button „Kopiebestellung“, über den Sie die Kopien per Fernleihe bestellen können. Beachten Sie bitte, dass eine Auslieferung laut Urheberrecht nur als Papierkopie erfolgen kann.

Eine Bestellung von E-Books als Leihe ist leider noch nicht möglich.

note on copyright

The documents delivered via interlibrary loan are for noncommercial use only due to current copyright law. Due to copyright law, copy orders are delivered in paper form.

Should you prefer electronic data, please use other document delivery services (e.g. subito e.   V.   ). Should these have a licensing agreement with the publisher, you may receive a delivery electronically.

ordering an international interlibrary loan

If a title is not available in Germany, it may be ordered from a foreign library. Please contact the directly, trying to give the title data as accurately as possible. The cost for an international interlibrary loan is set by the lending library. To the form.

direct delivery service subito

Subito    is a paid document delivery service for copies of papers and books. Delivery is made directly to the patron without involvement of the library.

The order is usually processed within three work days, urgent orders may be processed within 24 hours.

You can find more on the delivery service in this video    (German only).

digital semester apparatus

ULB offers scan services for MLU lecturers in accordance to §60a UrhG.

document delivery service HARIEL

HARIEL ist the ULB's campus delivery service for articles from journals that are only available in print. Articles from newspapers or magazines are exempt from this delivery service (due to copyright reasons) as well as articles from journals that are available online (see: electronic journal library   ). Will only be delivered to scientific staff.