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Interlibrary loan and delivery services



August-Bebel-Straße 50
06108 Halle (Saale)

phone: 0345 5522204
fax: 0345 5527141

interlibrary loan

Should you need literature not catalogued in our holdings, you can place an interlibrary loan order.

It is recommended to check the holdings of the other academic libraries of Halle before placing an interlibrary loan order. These can be accessed via the local library system Halle-Merseburg. The relevant academic library regulates any modalities regarding local lending of these holdings.

Set up and charge an interlibrary loan account

You need to already be registered as a user to set up an interlibrary loan account and deposit a minimum amount (1,50€). The credit in the interlibrary loan account is displayed in the form of clearing units (1,50€ correspond to one clearing unit). For rebookings within the university and bookings on account, a credit of at least 7,50€ (5 interlibrary loan orders) must be deposited. You can use the following form to open an interlibrary loan account.

Your orders will be booked immediately and you will receive confirmation of the booking by email form the ULB main lending desk. You can use the account for your GBV orders afterwards. A refund for unused interlibrary loan orders is not possible.

In addition to the fee for the order, there may be additional costs in individual cases, especially if more than 20 pages have to be copied (approx. 0,15€ per page).

research in the GBV database

To research literature for interlibrary loan, please use the K10plus    first.

Log in to your interlibrary loan account before researching. You will find the user ID on the back of your library card, personal or student card. The password is your date of birth in the form DDMMYY. Of course, you can change the password after the first login.

order a title

To order a title, select the loan order or copy order function at the top right.

You will be asked to enter the access/patron number (patron number on the ULB user card) and your password (date of birth in DDMMYY). Fill out the form carefully and note in the comments if a currently unavailable title should be reserved. Readers of user type 20/70 (university lecturers and academic staff) should always state the institute address when ordering.

Now confirm your order with your password and please not the order number for any questions. Please log out for your own safety!

You can use the User Info menu item to find out about the progress of your orders in all GBV databases. If the desired title is not found in the GBV database, you will be automatically forwarded to other library networks via the cross-network portal and can place your order there. If you have any questions, please contact your branch library or the ULB information desk.

pck up the ordered title

You will find a note that your interlibrary loan has arrived in your patron account listed under loans. It can be picked up at the main library.

If an e-mail address is provided, we will inform you about the interlibrary loan received. Buyers of user type 70 receive the interlibrary loan directly to the branch library by courier once per week.

Upon request (entry with remark: "Notify"), all other patrons may be informed of incoming interlibrary loans against payment of postage. If the notification is to be sent via e-mail, an address must also be specified. Of course, there are not postage costs in this case.

direct delivery service subito

Subito    is a paid delivery service for essay copies and books. General terms and conditions    and price overview   .

Due to the agreed emergency supply for Elsevier articles, the ULB takes on the costs for subito orders.


  • registration with the subito access system using the online form    stating a delivery and billing address
  • transmission of an access code by the system to the customer via e-mail
  • willingness to pay additional costs
  • the costs depend on the user group, the chosen completion time and the delivery method search in the K10plus databases    with order function
  • registration in the ordering system using the access code sent by e-mail
  • specification of user group, completion time and type of delivery
  • place the order
  • transmission of the journal article/monograph by the delivering library to the specified delivery address of the customer and delivery of an invoice

digital semester apparatus

ULB offers scan services for MLU lecturers for works that are only available in printed form in the libraries in accordance to §60a UrhG.

document delivery service HARIEL

HARIEL is a free service that can only be used within the Martin Luther university. Therefore, deliveries are only made to E-Mail-Addresses within MLU. Deliveries beyond this can be ordered via interlibrary loan or via document delivery services with costs.

The stocks of the magazine titles available online (see electronic journal library) are excluded from the delivery service.


The ULB offers a campus delivery service for articles from printed journals only for research staff. Due to copyright reasons, articles from daily and so-called kiosk magazines may not be delivered.

document delivery service for state library patrons

We offer a delivery service for journal articles available in print or electronic form to our regional patrons. You can also order eBook chapters.

copyright notice

The documents available via interlibrary loan are intended for non-commercial use in accordance with applicable copyright law. They may not be distributed, either against payment or free of charge, in paper form or as an electronic copy.

A changed copyright law has been in effect in Germany since 1st March 2018. Although this basically allows the electronic dispatch of essay orders, the framework contract, negotiated by KMK and the collecting societies, only provides for the interlibrary loan in paper form for the patrons.

If you would like an electronic file, please use other document delivery services (such as Subito e.V.   ). If these license agreements have been concluded with the corresponding publishers, an electronic delivery can be used.