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Interlibrary Loan

Media for which there is no record of holdings in Halle can be ordered from german as well as foreign libraries. Before placing an interlibrary loan order, it is essential to first research the holdings of other academic libraries in the city of Halle. All of these are also indexed in the discovery system Ha:Lit.


The delivery time amounts to 2-4 weeks. The loan period usually amounts to 29 days, extensions are possible in exceptional cases.


Video instructions for setting up an interlibrary loan account and placing an interlibrary loan order can be found here.


Setting Up an Interlibrary Loan Account

It is possible to already set up an interlibrary loan account when registering for use in our library. Still, this is also possible at a later point in time. Registration for such an account takes place directly at the Main Circulation Desk or online. A valid ULB user card is required.


Should your personal data change, please notify the staff of the Main Circulation Desk for adjustment in the interlibrary loan account.


The user number printed on the back of the library card (also USC or Staff Card) and the preset password consisting of the date of birth in the format DDMMYY are required.

I am a Student or State Library User

Set up or charge interlibrary loan account.

I am an Employee of the MLU

Set up or charge interlibrary loan account.

Charging an Interlibrary Loan Account

To place an order, the account has to be charged with ordering units. One ordering unit equals 1.50 € (see Fee Schedule for Scientific Libraries of the State of Saxony-Anhalt (de)).

The accruing costs can be paid at on of the various payment machines. For orders amounting to 25.00 € EUR or more, an invoice will be issued. For employees of the university there is the possibility of cost coverage by the university.

A refund of unused ordering units is not possible.

Please note: In addition to the fee for the order, further costs may incur in special cases, especially if more than 20 pages of a copy order have to be made.

I am a Student or State Library User

Set up or charge interlibrary loan account.

I am an Employee of the MLU

Set up or charge interlibrary loan account.

Ordering an Interlibrary Loan in the German Domestic Interlibrary Loan System

To do so, it is first necessary to search in the GVK. It is recommended logging in with your interlibrary loan login details before starting your research.


To order a title, select either the button “Loan Request” or “Copy Request” (top right in the toolbar). If you are not  logged in yet, you will be asked to enter your user ID and password.


Carefully check the details of the title and complete the details of the requested article (if necessary) as well as your personal details in the form. By entering the password again, the order will be completed. Please log out of the database afterwards.


Should the desired title not be indexed in the GBV databases, you will be connected further to the  supraregional network portal, where you then should be able to place your order.


Via the menu button Interlibrary Loan Account → Orders, it is possible to check the processing status of your interlibrary loans at any time.


Once the ordered titles have arrived at the ULB, you will be notified by e-mail as soon as the title is ready for pickup at the ULB’s main circulation desk. University employees receive requested copies per university mail; loan orders are sent to the respective branch library should the delivery service have been selected.

Ordering an International Interlibrary Loan

Should a title not be available in Germany, it is possible to order it from an international library. Should this be the case, please fill out the form below and send it (with your signature) to our Team  for Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery. The costs for an international interlibrary loan are henceforth determined by the requested library.

Pilot Phase Partial Copies from E-books

Since the 10.05.2022, it has been possible to order articles from e-books as a print-out via the GVK. Some libraries of the GBV (Common Library Network) offer in a pilot phase the possibility to order partial copies (chapters) from a part of their e-book stock. At the catalogue entry for the respective e-book, you find the button “Copy Request”, which you can then click to order the copies via interlibrary loan. Please note that according to copyright law, such deliveries are only possible as a print-out.


Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to order entire e-books on loan.

Copyright Notice

The documents made available via interlibrary loan are intended for non-commercial use in accordance with copyright law. For copyright reasons, copy requests are solely delivered in paper.


If you would like to receive an electronic file, please use other document delivery services (e.g. subito e.V.). Should these have license agreements with the corresponding publishers, electronic delivery is possible.