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Ha:Lit (Discovery-System)

in cooperation with EBSCO    

Ha:Lit   , the new Discovery System of the University- and State Library Saxony-Anhalt, presents a new approach to finding literature. It uses the Software EDS and the EDS literature Index by the company EBSCO.

Furthermore, the ULB has integrated the holdings of 10 libraries in the local library system Halle-Merseburg, the university bibliography and the regional bibliography, as well as the entire Common Union Catalog (GVK) and a large number of licensed databases, eJournals, eBooks and many Open Access titles. The Discovery System grants access to over 400 million datasets.

Thus, with a single search you gain access to heterogeneous data sources and can find the literature for your topic of research.

Not all databases and ejournals licensed by the University and State Library are found in Ha:Lit. It serves as a starting point for research, allowing you to explore a large number of sources to find a number of great results. For a specific search, please refer to our database information   .

Wie Google für die Bibliothek: ULB startet neuen Dienst

Artikel zum Start des Discovery Ha:Lit von Tom Leonhardt in  Wissenschaft, Campus, Studium und Lehre, veröffentlicht am 02.05.2018

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