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Career Opportunities

The University and State Library of Saxony-Anhalt regularly trains apprentice assistants for media and information services. Such specialized employees are in great demand, so it should be no problem to find a suitable position after the training.


The ULB itself regularly recruits specialist staff, librarians and academic staff.


Every two years, the ULB also trains subject specialists in a traineeship program. The training lasts two years, requires a prior university degree and consists of practical units, which are conducted in the ULB and during internships, and an accompanying university course, which offers the title of Master of Library Sciences after completion. Career opportunities then are present both in subject-specific departmental activities and in positions with leadership responsibility, e.g. in management or in executive functions.


Of course, there are not only people with a library background working in libraries. We also regularly need computer scientists, subject specialists with specialised project-related knowledge, administrative staff, disponents, digitisation staff and lateral entrants.


Work in an academic library is varied. But it is always about procuring, indexing and making accessible analogue or digital information of all kinds.


This includes advising our users, producing digitised versions of printed works, supporting publishing processes, archiving valuable content, imparting knowledge about scientific work, providing workplaces, obtaining hard-to-find texts, sharing our digitally available documents and documentary evidence, delivering ordered works, and much more.


Libraries work cooperatively, they are organized in alliances, and they replicate what has already been done elsewhere. They share software, catalogues, content, metadata, and expertise by means of shared catalogues, interfaces, conferences and training, and professional visits to other countries or other libraries.