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External Services

In addition to the library’s offers, there are many other services available for help regarding research and publishing. We decided to present a small selection here. If you have any questions about these services or would like to recommend a service to us, please contact us!



In general, there are subject-specific, generic and institutional repositories. A good overview of these repositories is provided by the portal.

  • Subject-specific repositories provide high-quality datasets, usually formatted “ready-to-use.”
  • Institutional repositories, on the other hand, provide a centralized way to publish technical reports, theses, and other gray literature or research results.
  • Generic repositories (e.g., Dryad, Zenodo, Figshare, and RADAR) provide a way to store heterogeneous as well as multidisciplinary datasets. These repositories use persistent identifiers and APIs that automatically report their content to other repositories for increasing the visibility of their datasets.
Responsible InstitutionCalifornia Digital Library (CDL)CERN – OpenAireDigital Science (MacMillan-NPG)FIZ-Karsruhe
Costs120 USD per DatasetFree – until 50 GBFree until – 20 GBContract costs: 595 p.a. or 7,56 per GB one-time payment
Hosting of the dataUC3 Merritt (California Digital Library) USACERN Data CentreAmazon Web Services S3 in Dublin (Data push to local server possible)FIZ Karlsruhe


B!SON is a service of the Leibniz Information Center for Science and Technology as well as the University Library that can help find a suitable open access journal for an article to be published.


oa.finder is a service of the Bielefeld University Library that can help to find a suitable open access journal for an article to be published.