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Research + Publish

Consultation Hours

Would you like to discuss a specific Open Science-related topic or issue in connection to your research?



You can contact us, for example,to discuss the following questions:

  • Where can I obtain and research Open Access articles?
  • How do I get reimbursed for my open access costs (what are APCs)?
  • What are the benefits and risks for me of publishing in open access ?
  • How can I ensure that my research data is visible to others?
  • How can I make my data FAIR?
  • What is FAIR data anyway?
  • What is an FDM plan?
  • What are publication licenses?
  • Do I lose the rights to my article if I publish it in open access?

But of course we are also open for all other questions regarding Open Science, Open Access, research data management and the like.


If you have any questions about the publication fund, Open Access cost reimbursements, APCs and the like, please contact

For all other questions, please contact