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Graphics Collection

About the collection

The graphics collection of the University and State Library is comprised of approx. 4700 portraits and approx. 3000 views of villages and landscapes, mainly from the 17th to 19th centuries. They usually are prints, but the collection also contains a few drawings and watercolours.


Like many collections of the ULB, the collection is based around the estate of Johann August von Ponickau (1718-1802), who bequeathed the prints to the Wittenberg University Library as part of his private library (Ponickau Collection). In keeping with the focus of Ponickau’s collection, the portraits include a large number of important personalities from the Central German region. The views of places and landscapes generally relate to this region, too.

Examples from this collection are the well-known copperplate engraving by Albrecht Dürer of Philipp Melanchthon (1526), a rare coloured woodcut; by anonymous: “Bildnis des Erwirdigen Herrn Philipp Melanchthon” (c. 1570), printed by Christoffer Diebel in Lübeck; as well as a copperplate engraving by Hans Tröschel (made following a drawing by Balthasar Schwan): Friedrich the wise, Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon, Elector Johann Georg I.. (1617, made on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of the theses in Wittenberg). In addition, the Halle collection includes: “Das Hällische Waisenhaus”, copperplate engraving, c. 1730 a very rare sheet; a coloured copperplate engraving by Johann Mellinger (1540-1603); Hall in Saxony (from Braun-Hogenberg, Civitates orbis terrarum, V. vol. pl. 48) as well as Johann Gottfried Zeidler’s reprint of 1678 with the original woodblock “Bey Johann Wilhelm Boßögel” from 1611.

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Example-Porttraits from the graphics collection
Acoluthus, Zacharias
Adelung, Johann Christoph
Adlershelm, Christian Lorenz
Adlershelm, Johanna Laurentia geb. Becker von Rosenfeld
Alberti, Anna geb. Thomae
Alberti, Jeremias
Alberti, Michael
Albhardt, Christian
Albhardt, Leonhard
Albrecht, Johanna Henriette, geb. Mylius
Albrecht, Johanna Sophia, geb. Peilicke
Albrecht, Margaretha Christina, geb. Mencke
Apel, Heinrich Friedrich Innozenz
Aquila, Caspar (eigentl. Adler)
Aster, Friedrich Ernst
Auerbach, Gottfried

Baratier, Johann Philipp (Jean Philippe)
Basedow, Johann Bernhard
Baumgarten, Siegmund Jacob
Bechstein, Ludwig
Berver, Gottfried
Bibran und Modlau, Siegmund Heinrich Freiherr von
Biedersee, Victor Friedrich Gottlieb Freiherr von
Blochmann, Karl Justus
Böhmer, Johanna Dorothea, geb. Naumann
Böhmer, Justus Henning
Bönigk(e), Gottfried
Boerner, Christian Friedrich
Boerner, Friedrich
Böschenstein, Johannes
Bohn, Johannes