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Research Data

Research Software

Research software is any software that is used in research. Basically, two types of research software can be distinguished: Software that is used exclusively for scientific purposes and software that is also used in research activities but also serves other more general purposes.


Software used in Science and Otherwise

This category includes a large amount of software that, among other things, helps to write articles, cite literature, or create charts. This software is not pivotal for scientific work, but often facilitates certain research aspects immensely.


The boundaries between these two categories are sometimes quite blurry and we aim to only give a rough outline of the broad field of research software.

Writing Software

These programs are used to write articles. Examples are:

Reference management systems

These are used to properly incorporate used literature into an article. Examples are:

Graphics programs

These are used to create and edit images. Examples are:

Data processing

These are used to manage and/or visualize data. Examples are:

Software used exclusively in science

This category refers to software that has been developed solely for the purpose of certain research projects and is not really applicable to other circumstances. Selfcoded software that transforms and then visualizes collected data serves as an example. This kind of research software, though, can be interesting for other researchers. Therefore, if you would like to publish your research software, please contact us – we will help you to find a suitable place and license for the publication.


Examples for this kind of research software are:

Code management/publishing

If your own software is fully developed, it should also be published. Among others, the following platforms are suitable for this purpose: