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Loans for Exhibitions

We are happy to support exhibitions, that pursue cultural or scientific goals with loans from our holdings and historical collections.


Application Process

If you are interested in borrowing from our holdings, please submit your application to the Directorate of the State and University Library of Saxony-Anhalt as early as possible, but at least three months before the opening of the exhibition. You then either receive a notice of confirmation or rejection concerning your request. Following the demanded objects are conservationally checked and we consult further with you about this matter. Finally, we present you with a loan contract, which must be signed and returned to us at least three weeks before the loan period starts, ideally accompanied by a receipt for the insurance policy and a facility report. The insurance policy have to be presented at the latest as soon as the loaned items are handed over.

  • For conservational reasons, the maximum loan period is limited to three months.
  • Objects that cannot be transported and prepared for an exhibition due to their state of conservation as well as objects that have already been shown in an exhibition within the last three years, cannot be borrowed.
  • If a loan does not yet have a full colour digital copy, that reproduces the loan as faithfully as possible, then this has to be produced at the borrower’s expense before the loan can be finalised. The charge for this process amounts to 0.25 EUR / scanned page (cf. fee schedule of the ULB Saxony-Anhalt).
  • All costs for packaging, transport and, if applicable, customs duty are to be borne by the borrower.
    In the case of particularly valuable loans, a specifically appointed ULB courier accompanies the transport and checks the exhibition conditions on site.
  • The following conditions have to be met on the exhibition premises:
    • The temperature has to remain stable between 18°C and 21°C.
    • The illumination amounts to a maximum of 50 lux.
    • The relative humidity has to remain stable between 45 and 55 %.
    • Exposure to UV radiation has to be avoided.
    • The objects on loan shall be exhibited in locked and dust-tight display cases made of laminated safety glass. The display cases must be free of acid and contaminants.
    • Taking pictures, film and television recordings of the items on loan are subject to approval, thus the ULB has to be notified in advance.
Any further questions in advance?

If you have any further questions about our loan modalities, please contact the Head of the Department for Historical Collections.