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Research Data

RDM Plans

A research data management plan is a document that researchers write to provide potential reviewers with information about how research data will be created and managed during a project.

Research Data Management at the MLU

As outlined in its Research Data Guidelines, the MLU is committed to supporting its scientists in the creation of Data Management Plans (DMPs).

Several funders require the submission of data management plans as supplemental information which is then evaluated before a grant application is accepted or rejected. In some cases, these plans are even mandatory. The University and State Library provides assistance in preparing the various sections of a data management plan.

The ULB and the Open Science team work closely with other institutions that also support various RDM activities at the university. One of these partners is the Historical Data Center Saxony-Anhalt.

Research Data Management Plan Humanities (ger)

Guide to creating Data Management Plans for Historians and other Humanities Professionals

Anonymized example of a data management plan (ger)

Natural science research project at MLU, which was successfully funded

ULB’s Open Science team can be contacted for an individual, face-to-face discussion of RDM issues and the creation of DMPs. A first draft of your RDM plan can also be emailed to us for comments and suggestions for improvement.

SciFlow users also have the possibility of using templates from various funding agencies (DFG, BMBF, H2020) to create data management plans in a collaborative manner.