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Document Delivery

Here you will find information on the ULB’s free and fee-based document delivery services.


Digital Semester Apparatus

In order to support online teaching, the ULB offers MLU lecturers, within the framework of §60a UrhG (German Copyright Act), the free supply of publications exclusively available in print for digital semester apparatuses. MLU lecturers having created a course in StudIP are entitled to place an order. If student assistants are entrusted with the order, they have to provide the e-mail address of the lecturer.


Before ordering, please check carefully whether the required title is already available in electronic form. If the title is already licensed by the MLU, only the link to the source should be provided  in the Digital Semester Apparatus. This way, students will have access to the entire work, whereas only 15% of a work may be posted in the Digital Semester Apparatus.


The following is an overview of the amounts of material that may be made available under the law.


  • Works of small volume:
    • individual articles from professional and scientific journals
    • illustrations
    • other works of small volume:
      • Printed works (e.g., lecture notes, contributions to collective works): max. 25 pages
      • sheet music: max. 6 pages
  • out-of-print works, i.e. no longer available physically or digitally
  • all other works: max. 15% of the publication per course/seminar
  • works which are not supplied by the own institution stock (i.e. ULB stock) (e.g. obtained via copy request/interlibrary loan according to §60e Abs.5)


A work is considered “out of print” if:


  • there no longer is a publisher’s offer and therefore is no longer available by book trade. Antiquarian offers are not considered in this regard. A work is not considered “out of print” as soon as it is available as the same or a newer edition. This includes new editions in the form of eBook as well as, for example, reprints or a commercial microform offer.
  • it was published in books, journals, newspapers, magazines or other writings in Germany before January 1, 1966.
  • it was published within the borders of the present-day Federal Republic of Germany.


The source, including the name of the author, has to be cited.

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for digital semesters apparatus

Document delivery service HARIEL for MLU employees

HARIEL is the ULB’s free campus delivery service, which can be used by academic staff at Martin Luther University. Journal articles are delivered from journal volumes that are exclusively available in print in the library. Excluded from the delivery service are articles from daily and so-called kiosk journals (for copyright reasons) as well as articles from journal titles available online (see Electronic Journals Library).


To avoid negative notices for printed journals, please make sure that the desired volume of the journal is actually available in the selected library before ordering. For these purposes we recommend the discovery system of the ULB (Ha:Lit).

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for journal articles within HARIEL

Direct delivery service subito

Subito is a paid document delivery service for essay copies and books. Delivery is made directly to end users without involving the local library. The completion of the order request is usually within three working days, urgent orders are processed within 24 hours.


Self-registration and ordering is required for use.


For more information, watch these videos.