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Branch Library

Branch Library Steintor-Campus (Ha 18)

The library at the Steintor-Campus (Ha 18) was officially opened in 2015 with its stock being consisting of several smaller merged branch libraries. Steintor-Campus is the largest branch library of the University and State Library and maintains the holdings of the humanities and social sciences.

Current information

Construction Work

At the Branch Library Steintor-Campus, new workstations are being set up.


The work is going to take place during opening hours, so there unfortunately are limitations concerning the use of workstations and holdings. The other branch libraries and the reading rooms of the main library are available as alternative workplaces. Inaccessible holdings are going to be available per request by the catalogues and are going to be made available after the daily construction activities are completed.


We apologize for any temporary noise disturbance.



Long Night of the Sciences


New workspaces at branch library Steintor-Campus


Extension of opening hours in the branch libraries Law and Steintor Campus


Transparent library bags


Scan Books for free with your Smartphone



Branch Library Steintor-Campus (Ha18)

Postal address:

Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
Zweigbibliothek Steintor-Campus (Ha 18)
06098 Halle (Saale)

Opening Hours

Opening Hours of the Branch Library (Ha 18)

  • Mon - Fri 08:00 - 00:00
  • Sat 10:00 - 00:00
  • Sun 14:00 - 00:00

Supply of Stacks Holdings (Monday - Friday)

Subject specialists

Dr. Volker Adam

Subject specialist for Oriental Archaeology, South Asian Studies

Silke Berndsen

Subject specialist for American Philology, English Philology, Japanese Studies, Slavic Studies

Miriam Heise

Subject specialist for German Studies, Indo-Germanic Studies, Music and Speech and Phonetics

Michael Hoffert

Subject specialist for Psychology

Philipp Kampa

Subject specialist for Sociology, Political Sciences, Philosophy, Romance Studies


Medienbearbeitung - Teamleitung Monografien print
Media Processing - Monographs Print
Subject Specialist
Media Processing - E-Resources
Usage - Reference Department
Media Processing - E-Resources
Media Processing - E-Resources
Media Processing - Monographs Print
Media Processing - Monographs Print
Subject Specialist
Media Processing - E-Resources
Subject Specialist
Subject Specialist
Media Processing - Publication Services
Usage - Circulation Desks

Library Appointee

Dr. Alexander E. Sollee, M.A. (Oriental Archaeology)
Dr. Anke Auch (Romance Studies)
PD Dr. Harald Bichlmeier (Indo-Germanic Studies)
PD Dr. Alexander Brock (English and American Philology)
Prof. Dr. Ute Engel (Art History)
Prof. Dr. Georg Fertig (History)
Thomas Götzelmann (Ethnology)
Dr. Steffen Hendel (German Philology)

Prof. Dr. Bogdan Kovtyk (Technical Translation)
Dr Katrin Krüger (Studienkolleg)
Michaela Kupietz (Speech Science and Phonetics)
Dr. Wolfgang Langer (Social Sciences)
Dr. Renate Misevica-Trillitzsch (Slavic Studies)
Alexander Grimm (Sprachenzentrum)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Pecar (Philosophical Faculty I)
Andreas Pohlus (Indology, South Asian Studies)
Dr. Jochen Ranger (Psychology)
Dr. Franz Becker (Prehistoric Archaeology)
Prof. Dr. Robert Schnepf (Philosophy)
Britta Stein (Japanese Studies)
Prof. Dr. Johannes Varwick (Political Sciences, temporary)



both entrances (basement and ground floor) barrier-free
Elevator available from basement to ground floor as well as within the library itself
Restrooms accessible on ground floor


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Room reservations

Reservation of Individual or Group Study Rooms

Individual Workrooms (called Carrels)

can be reserved for individual use for a period of 4-8 weeks. Request is possible by handing in the form for awarding an Individual Workroom (Carrel). Applying for the maximum amount of 8 weeks additionally requires proof of the registration for the final exam.

Group Study Rooms

There are 3 seminar rooms / PC pools located in the basement of the building, which can be reserved via the central room allocation system.


PC - Workplaces
Ports for laptops are available



Valuer/ payment machine


The payment machine is located in the foyer near the lockers.


You can use the following cards for the revaluer: EC card, giro card, credit card, debit card, cell phone