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About the collection

The manuscript collection grew continuously throughout the history of the ULB. Apart from items once acquired for teaching purposes or originating from the same, the collection also includes items of the secularisation from the 19th century, manuscripts from the library of Johann August von Ponickau, holdings of the Thuringian-Saxon History Society as well as the Quedlinburg Abbey and Grammar School Library. After the Second World War, the collection further expanded by the acquisition of library holdings from private or ecclesiastical institutions.

Digitised Searching Aids

There are digitsed catalogues on the following manuscript collections: the Ponickau manuscripts,the pieces of the Thuringian-Saxon Historical Society and the pieces with Hartwig signature (y-signature) (registered both in the Author Catalogue and the Subject Catalogue. All digitised manuscripts are researchable in Ha:Lit and OPAC.

Manuscripts after 1945

Some of the manuscripts that entered the ULB after 1945 are only listed in card catalogues; we will research them for you:

Medieval manuscripts

The ULB calls about 320 medieval manuscripts its own. About half of them are already available digitally, including the manuscripts from the Quedlinburg Abbey Library and all of the medieval manuscripts in german.


The collection contains, amongst others, outstanding pieces such as a gospel book with Carolingian illumination from St. Amand, the oldest surviving copy of the Sachsenspiegel or a late medieval pouch book.

Research Medieval Manuscripts
Catalogues: Research Possiblities

Scholarly catalogues of the Quedlinburg manuscripts and the German manuscripts Inventory of the remaining Latin medieval codices See also: Handschriftenportal.

Autograph books

With around 300 items, the ULB Saxony-Anhalt has one of the largest autograph books collection in Germany. “Alba Amicorum” originated during the Reformation in the university milieu, when students asked their academic teachers for dedicated entries in their (text) books. This tradition developed into a book genre of its own, in which dedication entries from professors, fellow students, friends and relatives were compiled. The books of the ULB usually have a regional background.

Research autograph books
Introduction to the Collection

Interview by WTV - Der Offene Kanal aus Wettin e.V.


A digital copy of the majority of the autograph books is available online.


The autograph books are also researchable via Ha:Lit and OPAC.

Music manuscripts

The ULB’s collection of music manuscripts comprises around 3000 titles. Particularly significant are the items from the “Arno Werner Music Library” (1965-1955), which contains copies of works by well-known composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Bach, Hasse and other composers from Central Germany.

Research Music Manuscripts

Music manuscripts are researchable for example in the "Répertoire International des Sources Musicales."