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National and International Catalogues

This site offers an overview on information about how to conduct national and international researches in the Common Union Catalogue (GVK), Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue (KVK) and WorldCat.

Common Union Catalogue (GVK)

The Common Union Catalogue (short GVK) is the freely accessible section of the union database K10plus encompassing ownership data from libraries pertaining to both the GBV and the SWB. Additionally, inventory information for journals from subito-supplier libraries located in Germany and Austria as well as from libraries relevant for German interlibrary loan are registered. In the Common Union Catalogue (short GVK) are more than 78.8 Mio. Titles of books, journals, articles, congress reports, microforms, electronic documents, data carriers, music supplies, maps, etc. of over 1.000 libraries recorded. Holdings that are not part of the ULB's holdings can be researched here and, if necessary, ordered via interlibrary loan.

Karlsruher Virtual Catalogue (KVK)

The KVK is a free and open-access meta search engine, that allows to research in more than 80 bibliographic databases from Germany and abroad simultaneously. To place an interlibrary loan request, please switch to the GVK.


WorldCat is the world's largest bibliographic database, which allows researching in catalogues of thousands of member libraries who partake in the Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). For placing national interlibrary loans please switch to the GVK, for placing international interlibrary loans contact the Interlibrary Loan Service.