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WIFI, Scanning, Poster Printing



WIFI is available at all locations. The following networks are available on the library premises:


All locations are equipped with book-friendly overhead scanners. Please remember to bring a USB stick.

Additionally, many locations offer the usage of scan tents, which support you in taking photos of the pages with your own smartphone.


Please be aware of possible copyright restrictions.

Poster Printing

The University and State Library of Saxony-Anhalt provides printing services for posters up to a size of DIN A0 exclusively for members of the Martin Luther University.

Poster Print Order Form (German)

The order form has to be completely filled in and handed in at the latest when the poster is picked up.


  1. The ULB’s usage regulations apply.
  2. The instructions for use have to be strictly observed. Misprints due to non-observance are at the expense of the client.
  3. No liability is taken over regarding print media and laminating foils selected by the client that prove to be unsuitable. Examples for viewing different qualities are available.
  4. If documents are provided for the installed software, the ULB Saxony-Anhalt is liable for faulty driver configurations, but not for errors in the templates, especially if the client is not present.
  5. Complaints regarding printing with incorrect colors and unfavorable image settings such as contrast, brightness and gamma corrections are not accepted.
  6. The ULB Saxony-Anhalt assumes liability for misprints that are due to technical defects and deficiencies and are not due to an error of the client.
  7. Costs for repeated prints, due to improper operation during lamination, will be covered.
  8. In the case of time-consuming prints, the client is not entitled to immediate completion. Such print orders will be executed at the next possible date.
  9. No guarantee or liability will be assumed for documents not printed by the ULB Saxony-Anhalt that are damaged during lamination.

Fees for printing are charged according to the Fee Schedule of the University and State Library of Saxony-Anhalt.

For more than 10 posters, please contact us at least 14 days in advance.


The complete production of a poster DIN A0 on average takes  about 1.5 hours. This time can increase up to 4 hours due to color gradients, transparencies and shading. Not included are times for final adjustments and, if necessary, for solving problems with the software used.

  • PDF

  • MS PowerPoint

  • Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator


For other document formats, please create printable PDF files.

  • A3 laser printer: plain paper, approx. 90 g/m²;

  • Inkjet plotter: normal paper (approx. 140 g/m²), photo paper, glossy (approx. 170 g/m²).


All these media are pure white and, according to experience, are light-stable in a room for at least one year. Colored media cannot be used, because the ink of the printer is not opaque, so it mixes with the color of the media (unpredictable printing colors).


For standard posters, laminated or unlaminated, only special paper from 130 g/m² is recommended. Lighter paper tends to ripple at larger dark parts of the image. Photo paper produces very good print results for a higher price, but is unsuitable for lamination.


Other print media, such as clear or white foils can be produced, but are not in stock. They have to be ordered separately and should be purchased in larger quantities (min. 5 sheets DIN A0).

When printing a format larger than DIN A3, roll paper with a width of 91.44 cm (36 inches) and 61 cm (24 inches) is processed. As a result of this width and minus of the printed margin, posters can be printed up to 90 cm wide.

DIN format
DIN A0841 x 1188 mm
DIN A1594 x 840 mm
DIN A2420 x 594 mm
DIN A3297 x 420 mm
DIN A4210 x 297 mm