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On this page, we present all relevant information concerning the publication of doctoral dissertations and postdoctoral theses (Habilitationen).


Publication and Deposit Obligation

Did you successfully defended your doctoral thesis? Congratulations!


In order to complete the process of obtaining your PhD or habilitation degree at the Martin Luther University HalleWittenberg, the publication of the written work is required. The corresponding regulations are to be found in the respective doctoral or habilitation regulations of your faculty.


The publication process is completed by submitting deposit copies of your work to the Team Theses Publications of the University and State Library of Saxony-Anhalt (ULB). As soon as we have received all required copies and related documents, the submission is confirmed by the Team to the responsible dean’s office.  After this confirmation, you will receive your certificate and the process is going to be complete.


There are 3 options for publication: you can submit either print copies, copies published by a publishing company, or the electronic version. Which variants are available to you and how many copies have to be submitted in each case depends on the regulations set by your responsible faculty. The Team Theses Publications will be happy to provide information regarding this matter.


The dissertation or postdoctoral thesis normally has to be published within the span of one year. Some faculties also grant longer deadlines or the possibility of an extension of the deadline.


The electronic version should please be sent per email. The hardback print or publisher’s copies can be:

  • dropped in the mailbox of our main address: August-Bebel-Strasse 13 (in the left wing of the outer door),
  • send by mail to the address below,
  • or handed in personally at the main circulation desk (Location: August-Bebel-Str. 50, Drop-off times: Mon.-Thu. 08:00-18:00, Fri. 08:00-15:00).


Before you submit your work to the library, here are a few tips on the layout.

Please send the PDF document with your work attached in advance per email. Then, we will check the respective technical specifications and give you feedback on any necessary corrections or the okay for it going into print.


Cover Page

For the design of your title/cover page, please follow the guidelines given in the corresponding, valid doctoral or habilitation regulations of your faculty or on the respective homepage. In addition, the ULB requires information (the names) of your assessors and the date of defense (this information is necessary for the creation of the catalog entry).

Page Count

In order for the contents of your work to be cited properly, you should also consider some things when formatting the page count:


  • do not repeat the way of counting pages – example: IXI, 1122, iiii;
  • alternatively, continue the already existing count – example: IXI, 1122, XIIXIV;
  • cumulative writings: also (completely) count the pages with printed articles.

Printed Copies

Should you submit printed copies, you have to (let) produce at least 4 of them per the following specifications:


  • bound as hardcover
  • printed on non-aging, wood- and acid-free paper
  • preferably printed duplex
  • in A4 or A5 format*


* Please be aware of the requirement for A5 format laid down in the Habilitation Regulations for Agricultural Sciences (German) (Faculty of Natural Sciences III), in Section 11, Paragraph 1.

Publisher’s Copies

Do you want to publish your dissertation or postdoctoral thesis in cooperation with a publishing company? Then the layout of the printed edition is usually based on the publisher’s specifications regarding format, typeface, and design of the title page. However, please assure at the process of print by a publishing company, that either the original title page is printed as well, or that at least a so-called university publication note is included, e.g. in the imprint, stating the university, the type of university publication, and the year of defense.

Electronic Theses Publications

Already since 1998, the ULB offers the possibility to additionally archive university theses in electronic form (full text) and to publish them online. Almost all doctoral and postdoctoral regulations of the faculties of the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg allow you to publish your dissertation or postdoctoral thesis alternatively as an electronic version in the Internet.


The publication of electronic versions takes place via Share_it, the open access and research data repository of all university libraries in Saxony-Anhalt, which is hosted by the University and State Library of Saxony-Anhalt.


Should you opt for electronic publication, please submit the following copies and documents to us:

  • Deposit license signed and as scan in 1 file per e-mail
  • PDF file of the electronic version per email
  • PDF or Word file (per email) including
    • Abstract, both German and English (max. 1000 characters each, incl. spaces)
    • Keywords, both German and English (max. 10 each)
  • 1 hardback copy (perhaps more depending on the applying doctoral or habilitation regulations), for specifications see above (Print Copies)


Please note the special regulations for cumulative university theses!

Deposit license

In order for us to be able to publish the electronic version of your dissertation or habilitation thesis online in Share_it, you have to sign the corresponding deposit license. In the attached leaflet you will find a compact summary of the necessary specifications.


With the deposit license you are able to define which terms apply when using your work. This is done most commonly done via Creative Commons licenses. The default license of our repository Share_it is CC BY 4.0 International. An overview of the licenses, further information as well as the license specifications are published at (the site is in English, but the subpages for the individual licenses can also be displayed in other languages).


PDF document

Your PDF file should meet the following requirements:


  • PDF/A (see Share_it’s help pages for instructions on how to adjust)
  • no copy protection
  • no password protection
  • identical to the print version*


* This excludes personal information protected via data privacy, such as home address, phone number, grades, or signature. Some faculties also allow the complete removal of resumes and date/place of birth upon written request. Please inquire about this option at your responsible dean’s office.

Images and Graphics

Please check the quality of the images and graphics in the generated PDF file beforehand. Some ways of creating a PDF result in reduced data quality. Unfortunately, it is not possible to subsequently change the version after publication on our repository. If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to contact us, specifying the PDF creation procedure you used.

Cumulative University Publications

Cumulative university publications are so-called publication-based works. Since texts already published (mostly in scientific journals) are also reprinted in this case, some specialties have to be considered in the context of electronic publication.


It is important to note that cumulative works cannot simply be published by a Creative Commons license. Therefore, in the deposit license, it is necessary to choose the most restrictive license both regarding the texts included in the work as well as previously published. In addition to the deposit license, please provide a list of titles of the reprinted texts and the associated license rights. For texts that are not published under a Creative Commons license, please also provide the corresponding publication permission from the respective publishing company.


Further information and requirements can also be found in the section Deposit License.


Team Theses Publications