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Open Access Publications

Funding of Open Access Monographs

Genuine open access publication fees, i.e. costs incurred due to the publication of a work in open access, are refunded. See:

Open Access-Policy of the MLU

Short Overview: Open Access

The following steps though are required to receive the aforementioned funding:

  1. Check if your publication is one of the following types of publications:
    • Open Access monograph
    • Open Access collective work
    • Contribution to an open access collective work
    • First publication or parallel publication in a print edition (costs incurred for the print edition will not be covered!)

  2. Check if the editor or author is affiliated with the MLU.
  3. Verify that the work has underwent a quality assurance process, that is standard in the discipline, before publication. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Peer Review
    • Expert opinion procedure

    • Scientific editing
  4. Be aware that
    • the publication is made freely available online to the public on a repository free of charge and without financial, legal or technical barriers 

    • the publication of the open access version takes place at the same time as or before a possible parallel print version

    • the publication is clearly identified as an open access publication

    • It is aimed for long-term archiving
    • Proof of open access publication in databases such as DOAB, OAPEN as well as in other specialized databases is pursued
    • the publication is recorded on our repository Share_it
    • The publication of the funds-requested work should take place no later than six months after approval of the funding

  5. Make sure that the following legal aspects apply:
    • The work should be published with a Creative Commons license (CC BY is recommended)
    • Authors and editors should grant the publisher simple rights of use
    • The rights to illustrations and other third-party materials are clarified
    • Open access rights information is included in the imprint or title page
    • The publication receives a DOI or a URN as a persistent identifier
    • The publication receives a sign indicating that it was supported by the Publication Fund for Monographs of MLU.
  6. As for the publishing company, the following has to apply:
    • It must be provided a transparent calculation that demonstrates the share of open accessinduced costs

    • It should be listed in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) or as a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA)

  7. Please note that the maximum amount of funding is 2.000€. This funding however can be combined with other funds.
  8. The following are not considered eligible:
    • Costs for print editions
    • Contributions to collective works that are not published as a whole in open access
    • Theses (Bachelor, Master, Magister, Diplom)
  9. To request financial support via our fund, please send us an informal text, briefly addressing how you meet the eligibility criteria, to: