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Marcus Werner

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Library Holdings and Acquisitions

The University and State Library has extensive holdings of print titles from several centuries reflecting the historical development of the subject as well as current research literature in both printed and electronic format. The so-called ‘World War Library’, established in 1928, contains sources and literature specifically on the outbreak and course of the First World War and was supplemented with further sources and literature in the following decades. The current collection foci are aligned with the prevailing profile of university teaching and research, and the aim is to continually expand access to electronic content.

Finding and Using

The subject-relevant literature is mainly located in the Branch Library Steintor-Campus and already completely electronically indexed.

Individual Classification

Books acquired up to 2014 are shelved according to an individual classification system.


Books acquired from 2015 onwards are shelved according to the Regensburger Verbundsklassifikation (RVK).

Old Prints and Manuscripts

A large number of the above-mentioned have already been digitised and can be accessed free online via Share_it. Works that have not yet been digitised, can be requested in advance via the catalogues or the Department for Historical Collections and then used in the Reading Room for Historical Holdings and Maps.

Collection of Subject-Relevant Links

Specialised Information Service

The specialised information service for the subject of History, maintains the historical bibliography. This extensive directory on historical literature can be researched by using the search function.


Electronically available journals of the specific subject are indexed in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB).


There are numerous specialized databases available for researching information. These are researchable via the Database Information System (DBIS).

Please remember to activate the VPN connection when researching outside of reach of the university wifi.

History and Profiling of the Subject

The study of history focuses on German, European and international history since the Middle Ages. The subject is offered in its entire range in Halle and also includes teaching degrees as well as degree programmes in digital humanities.