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Jewish Studies



Susanne Reich

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Library Holdings and Acquisitions

The University and State Library does not have a historically grown print collection for Jewish Studies, as the subject has only been part of the university curriculum for about three decades. When the seminar was founded, only few holdings were available, of which the Hebraica holdings of the Oriental Seminary formed the base. The stock then was continuously expanded by means of annual timely acquisitions. In addition, through the acquisition of the library of the Jewish scholar Chajim Hominer containing approx. 3700 titles, mostly in Hebrew, in 1997 has considerably expanded the respective holdings, today consisting of over 9000 volumes. The current collection foci are aligned with the prevailing profile of university teaching.

Finding and Using

Subject-relevant literature is mainly located in the Branch Library Franckeplatz (Ha 10) in the basement floor, everything being completely electronically indexed. With a few exceptions, the holdings are predominantly for lend.

Individual Classification

Titles are shelved according to an individual classification system.

Call Numbers

These can be identified by using the discovery system Ha:Lit.


Please note that when searching for titles in the original Hebrew script, the scientific transcription is used.

Collection of Subject-Relevant Links


Electronically available journals of the specific subject are indexed in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB).

E-Journals on Judaism
E-Journals on Jewish History
E-Journals on Israel


Please remember to activate the VPN connection when researching outside of reach of the university wifi.


There are numerous specialized databases available for researching information. These are researchable via the Database Information System (DBIS):


Rav-Milim : Dictionary of Modern Hebrew

Supraregional Offers

  • FID Jewish Studies

    The Specialised Information Service (FID) Jewish Studies provides researchers with access to subject-specific resources concerning all fields of Jewish as well as Israel Studies.


    FID licenses: For using the licensed offers, a free registration is required.


    Important licensed product: Magnes E-Book-Collection
    Provides access to more than 800 e-books from the Magnes Press portfolio and thereby to publications encompassing the fields of history, linguistics, literature, and social sciences, including numerous studies relating to key areas of Israel and Jewish Studies, Shoah Studies, and Anti-Semitism Studies.
    The titles are researchable via the subject-specific catalogue Jewish Studies.

  • Digital Collections
  • JudaicaDoc
  • Judaica-Portal
    The Judaica Portal records Judaica holdings of specialised libraries as well as of major libraries in Germany and Austria.

    Additionally, the website offers the possibility of selective search via the article index RAMBI (The Index of Articles relating to Jewish Studies of the National Library of Israel) as well as provides access to the Digital Judaica Collections of the university library Frankfurt am Main.

History and Profiling of the Subject

The subject of Jewish Studies was relatively recent established at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. Although the study of other oriental languages can look back on a long tradition at the university, it was not until the 1990s that the Department of Jewish Studies was set up as part the Oriental Institute.


Already against the end of the 17th century, Semitic languages were being studied at the University of Halle, especially regarding the importance of Hebrew for theological studies. In the 19th century, Oriental Studies started to detach themselves from the subject of theology and, per suggestion from the Semitist Carl Brockelmann, the Oriental Seminar was established in 1918 at the MLU . Since the end of the 20th century, the Seminar for Jewish Studies has become an integral part of the Oriental Institute, along with other seminars.


The seminar for Jewish Studies in Halle offers both, programmes to obtain the Bachelor of Arts (BA) as well as the Master of Arts (MA).