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Subject Information


Rechtswissenschaft Lesesaal 1
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Marcus Werner

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Library Holdings and Acquisitions

The University and State Library of Saxony-Anhalt maintains a historically grown print collection, which generally covers the full breadth of jurisprudence and includes an extensive stock of legal history. The current collection foci are aligned with the prevailing profile of university teaching, and the aim is to continually expand access to electronic content.

Finding and Using

The holdings of literature relating to law are primarily located in the Branch Library Law (Ha 11) and have already been fully electronically indexed since 1991.

Individual Classification

The books of the branch library are shelved according to an individual classification system.

Call Numbers

The call number of each title in the holdings, which are for the most part (exempt from a few exeptions) freely borrowable, and can be researched by using Ha:Lit.

Image Catalogues

For researching literature published up to 1990, our image catalogues are available as a supplementary research system; the historical holdings partly follow a specific classification including Roman call numbers (I - XXX).

Collection of Subject-Relevant Links

Specialised Information Service

The specialised information service for international and interdisciplinary legal research offers various services for the subject. In addition to a digital subject library, a sbject-specific repository as well as a blog & podcast aggregator are also available.


Electronically available journals of the specific subject are indexed in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB).


For researching law-related literature you can use various subject databases, which can be found by researching the Database Information System (DBIS) of the ULB.

Please remember to activate the VPN connection when researching outside of reach of the university wifi as well as to activate the 2FA for the databases beck-online and beck-eLibrary.

Rechtswissenschaft Lesesaal 2
(Photo: Uni Halle/ Markus Scholz)

History and Profiling of the Subject

The subject of Law has a long tradition at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. Detailed information on the legal tradition in Halle are to be found here. Scholastic research is aligned with the structure-forming profile lines “International Business Law”, “Medicine, Ethics, Law”, “Digitisation and Law” as well as “Foundations of Law and Social Cohesion”.