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Michael Hoffert

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Finding and Using

Printed works relating to the Subject of Psychology are primarily located in the Branch Library Steintorcampus (Ha 18). Older holdings are shelved in stacks and therefore only accessible for use in the reading room. The holdings as well as their locations can be researched via the ULB catalogues.


Current literature is largely obtained electronically (e-books, e-journals, databases) and thus is accessible within the university wifi or via VPN. Here, too, the ULB catalogues provide an entry point for research and access.

Collection of Subject-Relevant Links


Electronically available journals of the specific subject are indexed in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB).


For researching subject-specific literature you can use various databases, which can be found by researching the Database Information System (DBIS) of the ULB.

Informations regarding Open Science

Open Access in the subject of Psychology

Subject-Specific Services

KonsortSWD – Consortium for the Social, Educational, Behavioural and Economic Sciences
NFDI4Health – NFDI for personal health data

Please remember to activate the VPN connection when researching outside of reach of the university wifi.

History and Profiling of the Subject

The first mention of psychology and simultaneously the introduction of this term into scientific discourse is to be found in two publications dating to 1732 by the Halle philosopher Christian Wolff. From 1822 onwards, there is evidence of psychological lectures in Halle and in 1891 the basis for today’s institute was laid by the foundation of the Psycho-Physical Apparatus.


The Institute of Psychology is currently subdivided into 8 professorships and includes the following areas: General Psychology, Work Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychological Diagnostics and Differential Psychology, Developmental Psychology , Biological and Clinical Psychology, Methodology and Cognitive Psychology and Digital Learning.


Psychology offers the degree programme Psychology as undergraduate as well as a consecutive graduate programme. There are overlaps as well as cooperations with the Institute of Medicine.