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Subject Information




Philipp Kampa

This link leads to a list of all the subjects this person oversees.


Here you find the contact information of the above-mentioned person.

Finding and Using

Access to electronic resources, which are now of central importance to the subject and are thus highly represented in the holdings of the library, is provided to university members via the university wifi and via VPN. The corresponding titles are researchable in the library’s discovery system. Printed works relating to the subject of sociology are primarily located in the Branch Library Steintor-Campus. Overlaps, for example regarding the areas of sociology of education or economic and organizational sociology, happen to be with the Branch Libraries Franckeplatz, Economics as well as Law. Accordingly, many relevant professional books can also be found there.

Consultation and Training Services

In addition to the classic semester kick-off trainings, courses on subject databases, on (systematic) research and on Open Science topics are on offer. Specialised training courses within the framework of lectures or for individual work areas/groups are available per request. Consultation appointments on topics such as research, open science, research data management and other research and subject information issues can be arranged by reaching out to the contact given above.

Collection of Subject-Relevant Links

German Sociological Association (GSA)

The platform gathers (current) information (including news from research) regarding the subject.

Specialised Information Service

SocioHub, the Specalised Information Service of Sociology, is the central point of contact for overarching questions regarding the supply of subject information. The pages of this service also offer information regarding Open Science and research data.


The GESIS – Leibniz-Institute for the Social Sciences represents another substantial instance of the infrastructure.


Electronically available journals of the specific subject are indexed in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB).


Information about subject-specific databases are offered fro example by the Database Information System (DBIS).

History and Profiling of the Subject

The area of Sociology has a long history at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. Detailed information on Halle’s sociology tradition can be found here.


Sociological theory and quantitative methods in the social sciences are taught in Halle the same as social structure analysis of modern societies and economic and organizational sociology. Another focus is the sociology of education. The Department of Sociology in Halle furthermore participates in the Research Institute for Social Cohesion.