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Subject Information

Oriental Archaeology



Dr. Volker Adam

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Library holdings and acquisitions

The collection mainly consists of specialised literature, including numerous specialized excavation publications as well as conference proceedings and academic qualification publications. In addition, there are museum and exhibition catalogues regarding the art and archaeology of West, Central, and South Asia as well as North Africa. In addition, the collection includes treatises on the prehistory, early history, and religions of this region. The current collection foci are aligned with the research profiles of the Departments of Oriental Archaeology and Art History. In addition, the library of the German Oriental Society (DMG), which is attended to by the ULB, also contains journals and monographs focusing on the so-called Ancient Orient, its religions, languages and cultures.


In addition, the Specialised Information Service Middle East, North Africa and Islamic Studies (FID), which is operated by the ULB, acquires publications from the countries belonging to the MENA region (also in the local languages) regarding archaeological and art historical topics.

Finding and Using

The stock of modern titles on Oriental Archaeology is mainly located in the Branch Library Steintor-Campus and completely electronically indexed. The subject-relevant holdings of the DMG library are shelved in the stacks of the Branch Library Middle East/Ethnology and thus have to be ordered from there via Ha:lit. The lending of requested media is therefore taking place at the circulation desk of the Branch Library Steintor-Campus.

Individual Classification

Books acquired up to 2014 are shelved according to an individual classification system.


Books acquired from 2015 onwards are shelved according to the Regensburger Verbundsklassifikation (RVK).

Collection of Subject-Relevant Links

Specialised Information Service

The Specialised Information Service for Classical Studies - Propylaeum provides national research literature via interlibrary loan and supports electronic publishing in open access as well as the digitization of research-relevant holdings.


Electronically available journals of the specific subject are indexed in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB).


Information about subject-specific databases are offered fro example by the Database Information System (DBIS).

Please remember to activate the VPN connection when researching outside of reach of the university wifi.


History and profiling of the subject

The Institute of Oriental Archaeology and Art was initially established at the MLU in 1948, at the time still being incorporated into the Archaeological Seminar of the Institute of Classical Studies. Until 1990 it was one of the leading institutions of this discipline on the territory of the former GDR, with some of its most renowned scholars being Heinz Mode or Burchard Brentjes.


The institute gained attention with the publication of numerous scientific and popular titles both in Germany and abroad, including the serial Hallesche Beiträge zur Orientwissenschaft. In addition to the prehistory and early history of the Near East (encompassing Mesopotamia, Syria), the art history and archaeology of Central Asia, South Asia, Ancient Egypt (until 2017), and the Byzantine region are research foci.


Until 2022, the Institute consisted of three professorships (Archaeology and Art of the Near East, Archaeology and Art of Central Asia, Christian Archaeology and Byzantine Art History). Currently, the professorship of Oriental Archaeology is not occupied, while the fields of Christian Archaeology as well as Central Asia are no longer institutionally represented at the MLU. The current regional research foci of the seminar lie on the archaeology of the greater region of Iran, South Caucasia, Anatolia and Northern Iraq.