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The ULB in Simple Language

Welcome to the website of the University and State Library (ULB) of the Martin Luther University.

This text is a summary in simple language.

You find here:

  • Tips on how to use the Website

Furthermore, we present:

  • That is the University and State Library
  • What we do offer

Tips on How to Use the Website

1. You would like to go back to the Starting Page ?

Simply click on the logo in the upper right corner.

2. You would like to search a book ?

Simply click in upper left field “Search in Ha:lit“.
Or via this link, you will also get to search.

3. You would like to read the content in German language ?

Simply click on the German flag on the upper right side.

That is the University and State Library (ULB)

The University and State Library is associated with the Martin-Luther-University and the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt.


In the library, it is possible for people to borrow books.


The library wants to support people in easily accessing information and media.

What the library offers

1. Registration

For using all books and offersof the University and State Library Saxony-Anhalt, a registration is necessary. This can be done in person at the location or online.

2.  Searching Books and Media

3. Informations about Opening Hours and Locations

4. Getting Help from the Reference Department

The Reference Department knows their way around in regards to using the library. For example, if somebody does not know how to borrow a book or where to find specific information, it is possible to ask the reference department. They then explain, what to do and help with all questions about the library.

5. List of Events

The ULB offers courses and workshops to support research and teaching. So, it helps students finding their way around the library and finding good books and information. It also offers courses about specific issues like scientific research or historical books. Furthermore, school classes and other interested persons can participate in a guided tour in our old stacks building.

6. Overview about all Contact Persons